Kiros Beauty

About us

Kiros Beauty specializes in natural and multicultural health, beauty and wellness products

Kiros Beauty serves OTC, Beauty Supply Stores, Food and Drugs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia Florida and other International distributors.

Kiros Beauty has extensive experience in Broker / Account management and is familiar with most of the Retailers in the USA. ( Food, Drug, Mass, Dollar, Value, OTC, Ethnic, Beauty, Specialty )

Trade organization member of GMDC, ECRM, NACDS, as well as multiple participations on beauty trade shows around the world.

Kiros’s name was inspired by a trip to the Greek islands. “Kairos” is an ancient Greek word meaning the “right or moment of opportunity.”


Kiros Beauty is led by Juan Valencia, an import/export facilitator agent who has been working with multicultural beauty markets, including wholesalers, beauty supply chains, supermarkets, pharmacies and importers of beauty products.

Valencia has more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing and has successfully opened distributions in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America, Europe and Africa.

We work with an experienced and professional network of independent beauty sales representatives including bilingual spanish speakers to better serve Hispanic markets and Latin American Countries.

Kiros Beauty Team

Kiros Beauty built a team of independent sales representatives with first hand knowledge of diverse markets based on our constant traveling and handlement of different distribution channels in the United States and international markets.

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